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x_____ChasePerfection Application Form

Just copy and paste the following form into an email, fill it out and send it to chaseperfection@hotmail.co.uk. You will recieve an e-mail alerting you as to whether your application has been accepted or not :-)

♥ChasePerfection Application Form

1. Name:
2. LJ Username (must be acurate):
3. Age:
4. Country:

5. What do you hope to gain from being a member of this community?:

6. What eating disorder do you suffer from?:

7. What do you think caused/provoked your eating disorder?:

8. When did you realise that your eating problems had taken the leap from normal to abnormal?:

9. Have you ever been in recovery? If yes, when and what was the outcome? If no, would you ever consider getting help and recovering if you could?:

10. What do you feel is the worst thing about your eating disorder?

11. How do you feel about the way eating disorders are portrayed in society?:

12. In a short paragraph, give your opinion on eating disorders on a whole, not just yours personally:

And a few basic stats:

13. Height:
14. Lowest Weight
15. Current Weight
16. Highest Weight:
17. BMI:
(click here to calculate your bmi)
18. Short term weight goal:
19. Long term weight goal:
20: Anything else you'd like to say? go on, have a lil' ramble...:

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