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"I don't like Mondays..."

Ho hum; the week-end went okay. The only fatty thing I ate was 2 slices of pizza. I was cranky about it, but week-ends are ALWAYS my worst time, so I guess that amount wasn't too bad for how I usually am.

As per usual, lots of wine...

That said, this week-end was one of my all time worst in regard to trying to ignore the 'you're fat and worthless' voices. They were screaming at me left, right and centre every minutes of every day. It sure made for a depressing week-end.

Last night I did 2500 sit ups; I do them like I'm on a bicycle and move my arms back and forth so my elbows touch the opposite knee (I hope that makes sense; there must be a name for the actual exercise!). I did a fair bit of exercise over the week-end actually; all in an attempt to banish the 'voices' but they just didn't disappear or even get smaller.

What's the go with some of the dodgy people on here? Surely they have better things to do that put crap and unbelievable posts on here?!?!? (the popcorn diet? WTF; do they think we're stupid?)

Please don't reply to any of their posts. It isn't worth it.

Hope you're all doing well; stay strong and good luck :)
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