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Hay babes, haven't been on here for so long! To long actually. I've been away during our Uni holidays and on returning back to start the second semester found my trusty laptop was not so trusty anymore and have just replaced it:) So, here I am...Maybe I should up date on my stats etc since it's been a while...
HEIGHT...5ft 7
H.W...53 kgs (116.6 lbs)
L.W...42 kgs (92.4 lbs)
C.W...46 kgs (100.2 lbs)
I think the last time I posted, which was probably about a month and a half ago, I was 50kgs (110 lbs) to lose 4kgs (8.8 lbs) in that time is pretty revolting, I'm still a fat b**** who can't stand to look at herself in the mirror, I swear the only time I can remember looking in a mirror and feeling satisfied was when I was 12 years old dressed up in a skanky outfit (as Posh Spice) for a Spice Girls party and I thought I was soooooo hott hahahaaa.  Over the hols I went to Bali with my b.f and another couple, was so amazing! Has anyone else been there? Being in a bikini all day everyday I knew the possibility of binging was going to be non-existent but we were going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY FUCKING DAY. That frightened me, beyond imagination. I managed to get away with having a small freshly squeezed juice at breakfast...No lunch, just said I wasn't hungry from the heat and 'Gadu Gadu' for dinner (mixed veges that comes with rice and a peanut, satay sauce on the side and cute little popadom rice cracker thingys.) I passed on the rice and cracker thingys and only used half of the sauce most nights...How much alcoholic calories I consumed over our two week holiday will not be mentioned haha. So there's my reason for the shocking weighloss. Anyways hope all of you are feeling good, feeling great, feeling fine I'm done with classes for the day so off to the gym it is for me:):):)...I normally go for just over two hours each day but I'm fasting at the moment and am on my third day doing so, so we'll see how the energy levels hold up.
Much lovin, Summer

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