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chaseperfection's Journal

.::Chasing Perfection::.
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This community has been created as a result of the downfall of other ed-related websites. The term 'proana' has attracted wannabe anorexics/bulimics, making it impossible for people with real eating disorders to get the help and support they want/need. This community is for discussing the everyday problems faced by people with eating disorders. Whether you strive to be thinner or strive to get better, you will be supported here by people who can relate to you.

The terms 'ana' and 'mia' are not to be used in this community as pet names for eating disorders. If the term 'ana' is used here, it will be recognised only as a shorthand term for anorexia, not to personify it in any way. This community is not for people who 'worship' anorexia and see it as a goddess. It is for real, down to earth people who just need somewhere to be understood.

We will also not allow anyone requesting 'tips and tricks'. Such questions are what leads people to see eating disorders as diets, and we are completely against encouraging people to develop EDs. We're all for giving advice, for example if you are curious as to the safest way to use laxatives/diet pills/caffine pills, by all means ask and everyone will do their best to help, but we will not however encourage anyone to use them, we will only guide them after they have made their own choice. Anyone asking for 'tips and tricks' or ways to become a better anorexic/bulimic, will be removed from the community as soon as possible.

I know a lot of the things we've said above make this community seem a little formal and strict, but its really not. We're just trying to make sure this community will not be abused and that no trolls/fakes/wannabes can get in and ruin it for the rest of us.

If any members of the community have any problems or questions at all, don't hesitate to email us at craveperfection@hotmail.co.uk. We assure you all emails will be answered and we check the account regularly.

We look forward to recieving your applications (scroll back up to the top to find the form) and can't wait to get to know you all through your posts :-)

Love Always
♥Sofie and Nic